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Turning wrenches (officially) since 2020

Just who is that bike mech?

I have been working on my own bikes since I was in middle school. However, I didn’t really start to believe I could help others out until COVID hit. While it has been a dream to have a retirement job working on bikes, a quick trip to the bike store in Sept 2020 showed just how many people needed their bike worked on. Around this same time, a friend asked if I could help out on a couple of bikes he had. That was all the spark I needed to get this party started.

Show off

My logo has the words “Better mechanic than rider” on it for a reason. It is true that I have done my fair share of riding over the years, but my passion and skill is working on them instead.

To date, I’ve worked on 1,200+ bikes for folks in and around the Cypress, Tomball and Katy (and even The Woodlands and as far as Austin) areas. There is always more to learn about working on bikes, but if you want to an honest mechanic, who is skilled, turns around a bike quickly and the price isn’t half bad, then look no further. I’ll be happy to help you out.

Besides working on bikes, I’m happy to talk about options, parts, etc. if you are looking to upgrade your bike. I can help make sure that what you are wanting to do is feasible and more importantly what specs you need to make sure match your bike.

People often ask about learning to work on their bikes. I’m happy to help teach you how, from simple adjustments to more complicated ones.

If you have a group (Scouts, bike group, church group, etc.) that is planning a group training ride, I can also come out to a meeting to talk about bike safety and do bike checks to make sure they are ready and safe to ride.

Call or text me: +1 832 534 2519, name is Chris

If you are interested, you can check out my extended “About Me” section by clicking here.