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This section covers some of the tools I use here in the shop. If you are looking for ideas of what you might need to have around to work on your bike then you have come to the right place.


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Repair Stands

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Park Tool PRS-3.3-2

You’ll find this same model at most retail bike shops. It is a work horse and really is second to none. It is strong and stable. It can either be mounted directly to the floor or to a metal plate (this is what I use).

Park Tool PCS-10

This version is highly transportable as it folds down easily. This is a great stand to take with you on the road. It can also be your home shops main stand. It is robust enough

There are two notable differences between this and the PCS-9. The PCS-10 folds down a lot easier and the clamp is easier to use, as it is a close cousin to the one found on the PRS-3.3-2 shown above.

The stand has been upgraded over the years and now there is the 10.3 version found here.

Park Tool PCS-9

This was my first stand and worked well for many years. I really didn’t have any complaints about this stand, other than the support legs can get in the way (trip hazard) and if you get the bikes weight off center from the legs, then the whole thing will tip over.

The stand has been upgraded over the years and now there is the 9.3 version found here.


Click the link or the photo to find out more details about each item

Park Tool CN-10 Professional Cable and Housing Cutter

You can’t go wrong with these cutters. Yes they are expensive, but they work extremely well.

It also has a built in crimper for cable end caps and a forming hole for reforming housing ends and housing ferrule.

Needlenose Pliers

You probably have these already, but you will find that working on bike you’ll use these a lot.


Another standard tool in any shop. Great for grabbing hold of something. The channels allow you to use them on varying sized nuts or sometimes round lock rings, etc.

Chain Pliers, Chain Breaker and Chain Checker

In order to remove or install a chain you need a chain breaker or chain pliers (used on the quick links).

The chain checker can show if a chain is worn. This checker shows 50% and 75% wear.

Venzo Cassette Chain Whip Pliers

There are various styles of chain whips out there, but I have come to really like this style (pliers) and the make/ model.

Chain Whip

This another style of chain whip. This can be used effectively, but I find them harder to use and often break. Is why I use the type above instead.


Click the link or the photo to find out more details about each item

Hex Wrenches

A good set of hex wrenches is a must have for any mechanic. Bikes are 99% metric. There are a ton of different makes that can be found out there, but sometimes the quality just isn’t there and you can round off a bolt easily.

Your set should at least include 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. Most sets will also include a 1.5mm, but I find that I don’t use this very much, if at all.

Torx Wrenches

While it would be nice to have the P-handle version, the L-shaped version works just fine. Again, the quality of the tool makes for sure fit and limits rounding of the bolt head.

Park Tool Ratcheting Metric Wrench

So you don’t necessarily need ratcheting wrenches, but they sure are nice. I only have 2 (9mm and 10mm) as these are the ones I use the most.

In general, you should have a couple of metric wrenches in the shop. The most used ones are: 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 15mm and 17mm

PRO BIKE TOOL Cone Wrench set

A cone wrench is nothing more than a really slim wrench used to get into tight spaces (like setting the bearing cones on a hub). This PRO BIKE TOOL set works perfectly fine for everything I have thrown at them.

This set comes with 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17mm wrenches, which are the most common ones used.

The 15mm can be used as a pedal remover, as the nut on pedals are usually narrower than most box end wrenches.

The handles are comfortable. Some versions of these don’t have handles, which can be hard on the hands, due to the narrow nature of these wrenches.

BULLTOOLS 1/4-inch Drive Click Torque Wrench Set

This torque wrench set works perfectly and was my first torque wrench. It is manually set for torques in the / 2.26-22.6Nm range. It will make a click sound when the desired torque is reached.

The driver on this is 1/4″. The various sockets it comes with are super useful, even without using the torque handle. The sockets are metric hex and also include torx as well.

ACDelco ARM601-3 3/8″ Torque Wrench

This is a digital torque wrench, which makes setting the max torque much easier. You can display the measurements in kg-cm, N-m, in-lbs, or ft-lbs.

Being that this is a 3.8″ driver it has a higher range maxing out at around 50 N-m.

There are versions that come with the drivers as well, but I elected to get those separately.

Bottom Bracket Tools

Click the link or the photo to find out more details about each item

Park Tool BBT-9

This was my first Bottom Bracket (BB) tool I ever bought, mainly because it is what fit my bike at the time. However, I have found that I reach for this tool quite often.

It is used for removing external threaded bearings. It also fits common 16-notch disc brake rotor lock rings.

This tool is 2 in one, as it also has a tool which removes and installs the 8-point Shimano Hollowtech II crank arm adjusting caps.

Park Tool BBT-10.2 Adjusting Cap Tool

I just recently got this little gem. As mentioned above the BBT-9 has an adjusting cap tool that comes with it. That version is plastic and can easily be damaged.

This version is steel and has wings to grab hold of it to twist or it can be used with a 8mm hex wrench (which is handy).

It also has a built-in hook to lift the safety plate found on Hollowtech II crank arms.

BIKEHAND Bottom Bracket Removal Tool

This is a work horse tool. It works great for traditional tapered, Shimano Octalink, and ISIS splined BB. If you have a cartridge type BB odds are this is the tool you’ll need to remove it. A quick note: the drive-side is opposite threaded.

Park Tool BBT-59.3 Bottom Bracket Tool

I actually have the BBT-59.2, but it has been discontinued. The BBT-59.3 is a direct replacement.

Compatible models include Shimano Ultegra BBR60 and Deore XT MT-800 bottom brackets

Park Tool BBT-79.3 12-Notch BBT

As you might know, there are many different types of BB’s out there. This version can be used on Fits SRAM Dub, Cinch, Rotor BSA30, Zipp Vuma, Hawk Racking BB3086, etc.

Crank Removal Tools

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Park Tool CCP-22 Crank Puller

This is the most used crank puller I own. It is very common for the threads of the crank to strip using a substandard crank puller. This is largely due to the cranks being made from aluminum. I have never stripped a crank thread using this tool.

If you have an square or tapered bottom bracket spindle, then this is the tool for you.

Park Tool CCP-44 Crank Puller for Splined Cranks

If you have splined bottom bracket, then you will need this crank puller version. The main difference is the head of the tool

Park Tool Compact Crank Puller

While I don’t personally own this tool I wanted to put it on here as an example. As stated above, crank threads can easily be stripped. This Park Tool version probably doesn’t have the issues that other similar shaped crank pullers do. Be careful with off brand versions of this style crank puller as you could strip the threads and make it almost impossible to get your crank off.

Park Tool LRT-3 Chainring Tool

Fits chainring of Specialized, Cannondale and FSA. Is to be used for lockrings with 47–48mm outside diameter and 4 or 8 notches.

Cassette & Freehub/ Wheel Removal Tools

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BIKEHAND Freehub Removal Tool

Another work horse tool. It fits a majority of the freehubs out there. If your cassette has a lock ring on it, this is the tool for you.

Park Tool Falcon Freewheel Remover

There is a difference between a freehub and a freewheel. There are lots of descriptions on the web to help you tell the difference.

If you have a freewheel that needs to be removed, then this is probably the right one for you. Yes there are many different freewheels out there and several different tools needed, but this one fits the most common ones out there.

Park Tool FR-6C Sprocket Puller Tool BMX 4 Notch

BMX bikes have different freewheels than other bikes. This is a 4 notch style and can also be used on some single speed bike that have the standard 1.37 x 24 tpi hub threading.

Drift MANIAC BMX Single Speed Freewheel

BMX bikes have different freewheels than other bikes. This is a 4 notch style and can also be used on some single speed bike that have the standard 1.37 x 24 tpi hub threading.

Rear Hub (Ratchet) Lock Nut Removal Tool

If you have a freehub with a ratchet system and want to remove the lock ring, then you will need this tool.

Some hubs (DT Swiss) will need to have the ratchet lock ring removed in order to service/ replace the hub bearings. This will do the trick.

Rear Hub (Pawl) Lock Ring Nut Removal Tool

If you have a freehub with a pawl system and you want to move to a ratchet system, then you will need this tool to remove the lock ring. When doing this you don’t necessarily need the ratchet tool described above as the lock ring will tighten as you put pressure on the pedal

Hydraulic Oil Bleed Tools

Click the link or the photo to find out more details about each item

Brake Bleed Kit

It isn’t fancy, but it gets the job done. Is a good place to start.

This is suitable for Shimano, TEKTRO, Magura, ZOOM and several more brake sets.

Bleeding Edge Port

Off brand, but still an effective port. The bleeding edge port is needed for Code R, Code RSC, Guide R / RS / RSC ,Guide T, Guide Ultimate, Level TLM, Level Ultimate.

The bleeding edge port really helps eliminate drips, blowouts and waste during the bleeding process.

Rockshox Unisex’s Service Tool Edge

When servicing RockShox Reverb or the Charger Damper bladders you’ll need this port.

RockShox Reverb Bleed Kit

If you have the RockShox Reverb hydraulic dropper post, then you will need this kit to service it.

Hydraulic Hose Cutter and Needle Insertion Tool

The cutter cuts hydraulic hose like butter. The insertion tool does exactly what it is supposed to do.


Click the link or the photo to find out more details about each item

BW Derailleur Hanger Alignment Gauge

The derailleur hanger is the part of the bike that the rear derailleur attaches to. Sometimes this is part of the frame or can be a separate piece. In either case, the hanger can become bent which will make for sloppy shifting.

The alignment tool makes sure that the hanger is parallel with the frame.

Park Tool Triple Spoke Wrench

This spoke wrench fits most spoke nipples out there. Very rarely would I need to have another spoke tool on hand. Great quality.

Park Tool AV-5 Vise Insert

I have tried several clamp inserts, this is by far the best. Most just slip in the vise

Tire Lever

Personally I don’t own these, but I wanted to show metal tire lever. The reason for metal tire levers is because the plastic ones (no matter how much you pay for them) will bend, not take the tire off as planned or will flat out break (which is the most likely situation). Just be careful with metal tire levers because they can scratch the rim easier.

Vernier Caliper (Micrometer)

Very accurate micrometer. I had a digital one previously, but found that this old school analog version never fails.

Only issue I have is that they can be hard to slide open. Some micrometers have a wheel that you spin with your thumb to help open them, this one doesn’t.

Blind Hole Bearing Puller

Skeptical at first about the quality of this product, but it is stout and robust. The puller works exactly like it should. Is great for removing pressed bearings like those in hubs, pivot points and bottom brackets.

Bearing Press/ Drift Tool Set

This set has drifts for pretty much every size bearing found on bikes.

Pressing bearings in can be a difficult process, main due to alignment issues. Once you get the bearing started straight, this tool does a great job in seating them.

Finish Line Grease Gun Head

You have to have a way to put grease on tight to reach places. I have found this grease gun to work well. I have the Polylube on this most times.

Fork Star Nut Setting/ Installer

If you are replacing your fork and/ or need to install a star nut, then this tool makes the job super easy.

Hook and Pick Set

These come in handy in some many different ways. You’ll find more uses than I could ever name here.

Saw Guide

For making straight cuts to handlebars, fork stems, etc.

Fits tubes from 21 to 34mm in diameter.

KOM Cycling Tubeless Sealant Injector

For when you don’t want to open up your tubeless tire seal to add more sealant. Works well with thinner sealants, but the thicker ones will clog this up.

Bonus: Nice to have the valve core remover as well.

Prestaflator Mini -Presta Air Compressor Tool

A great tool that just works. Yes it is simple, but it gets the job done with no fuss.

It delivers a lot of air through a presta valve to help seat stubborn tubeless tires.

Park Tool Shop Inflator

What an awesome tool. Yes it is expensive, but I don’t know how I’ve gone without it for all this time.

Has both presta and schrader valve inflater heads, so no need to switch tools.

The operations of the tool is smooth and the large dial makes it easy to see what psi is in the tube/ tire.