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The best place to have your bike serviced!

Faster, better and more customized service than your local bike store.

Service Packages

While I do offer a la carte options, most people prefer one of the service packages listed here:

* Note: if replacement parts are needed, then the installation cost is included in the package price, the cost of the part is not. If stand-alone service to replace a part is needed, then those prices are listed in the service menu.

Quick Tune-Up *

Adjust shifting system, brakes and true wheels


Basic Tune-Up *

All services from the Quick Tune-Up plus: adjusting bearings, cleaning of the drive train (on the bike)


Complete Tune-Up *

All services of the Basic Tune-Up plus: removal and cleaning (degrease bath & clean) of the drive train, reassembly and lubrication, check and repack bearings as needed


The Bike Guy is the go to mechanic in Cypress, Tx

Bring your bike in for a check up to make sure it is ready to go when you are.

“…Had a ride today. The Yeti rides as before. Great job!…”


“…I finally got to test out my Genius. Everything worked perfect! Thanks again!…”


“…Just got back from first ride. The bike was great… like new. You did a great job!…”


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